deer and the lovers

by Emily Zemba
directed by Jesse Roth*

Photo Credit: Sam Doyle Photography

Photo Credit: Sam Doyle Photography

November 5- December 3, 2016

Qiana and Peter take a romantic weekend getaway to New Hampshire only to find that a deer has crashed through the window and died. Things really go off the rails when Peter’s brash sister, Marnie, and her daft husband, Felix, show up unannounced. The dead deer, a mysterious animal control officer, and nightfall in the forest expose the harsh truths of each lover's life. 

DEER AND THE LOVERS is a bold new farce about being lost in love, lost in the woods, and forging a new path when life veers off track.


Shadee Vossoughi -- Qiana
Alex Stage -- Peter
Kay Kron -- Marnie
Tony Santiago -- Felix
Matt Nikkila -- Lenny

Alex Madda -- u/s Qiana, Marnie
Mark Thomson -- u/s Peter, Felix, Lenny





Production Team:
Eleanor Kahn -- Scenic Design
Eric Watkins -- Lighting Design
Cassandra Bowers -- Costume Design
Karli Blalock -- Sound Design
Emily Breyer -- Puppet Design
Amanda Fink* -- Fight Choreography
Claire Stone* - Gore Design
Alex Madda -- Assistant Director
Sophie Blumberg -- Dramaturg
Julie Leghorn -- Stage Manager
Markie Gray* -- Production Manager
Bobby Huggins* -- Technical Director
Amanda Cantlin* & Sarah Collonge* - Asst. Lighting/Master Electricians


*First Floor Theater Company Member