Dontrell, Who Kissed the sea

by Nathan Alan Davis, Directed by Chika Ike

Photo Credit: Sam Doyle

Photo Credit: Sam Doyle

March 4 - March 31, 2018

Eighteen-year-old Dontrell Jones the Third decides it is his duty and destiny to venture into the Atlantic Ocean in search of an ancestor lost during the Middle Passage, but his family isn’t ready to abandon its prized son to the waters of a mysterious and haunting past.

Blending poetry, humor, wordplay and ritual, DONTRELL, WHO KISSED THE SEA is a present-day hero’s quest exploring the lengths and depths we must go to redeem history’s wrongs. The play has been called “a mesmerizing blend of magical realism and poetic social comment” by the Los Angeles Times and “the most important play on DC stages” (DC Theatre Scene.)

This production is made possible in part by the generous support of the Michael and Mona Heath Fund, our co-producers.


Production Team:

Eleanor Kahn -- Scenic Design
Rachel Levy -- Lighting Design
Sarah D. Espinoza -- Sound Design
Uriel Gomez -- Costume Design
Breon Arzell -- Choreography
Gaby Labotka -- Fight & Intimacy Choreography
Kayla Menz -- Stage Management
Berit Godo -- Assistant Stage Management/Master Electrician
Cole Von Glahn* -- Production Management
Bobby Huggins* -- Technical Director
Catherine Miller* -- Casting Director


Jerome Beck -- Robby
Brianna Buckley -- Shea
Jalen Gilbert -- Dontrell
Kayla Raelle Holder -- Erika
Brian Nelson Jr. -- Dad
Shariba Rivers* -- Mom
Destiny Strothers -- Danielle

Grace Bolander -- Erika u/s
Tarina Bradshaw -- Shea/Mom u/s
Hunter Bryant -- Dontrell/Robbie u/s

*denotes First Floor Theater company member