GrimmFest was First Floor Theater's first annual literary festival, and showcased eight short plays inspired by the fairytales of the Brothers Grimm. Attendees of FFT's Launch Party in the fall of 2013 were given the opportunity to help shape the season by casting a vote for which author the literary festival would center around. Over five months, playwrights were approached, drafts work­shopped, directors signed on, shows cast and rehearsed. All eight pieces had one design team, at the crux of which were two visual artists who illustrated projections for each show. Nearly 50 artists  writers, directors, actors, puppeteers, musicians, designers, visual artists, and more collaborated to bring GrimmFest to life!

Festival Staff:

Curators - Will Bishop*, Andrew Cutler*, and Hutch Pimentel* 
Production Management - Eleanor Davis* and Amanda Fink* 
Front of House - Markie Gray* 
Stage Manager - David Federman 
Assistant Stage Manager - Niki Dreistadt 
Scenic Design - Claire Stone* 
Illustration/Projection - Claire Stone* and Briana Finegan 
Sound Design - Bobby Huggins*

The 2013 GrimmFest Line Up:
The Thief and His Master
By Greg Allen
Directed by James Palmer

By Calamity West
Directed by Will Bishop*

By Sid Branca*
Directed by Kellen Walker

By Bonnie Metzgar
Directed by Hutch Pimentel*

By Emmett Rensin*
Directed by Gus Menary

Yes to Everything 2, Son of Everything
By Philip Dawkins
Directed by Devon de Mayo

Hansel and Gretel: A Cautionary Confection
By Seth Bockley
Music by Jeff Thomas
Directed by Will Bishop*

The Fisherman and His Wife and
Written and Performed by Mitch Salm*

*denotes First Floor Theater company member