mike pence sex dream

by dan giles, directed by hutch pimentel*

february 16 - March 16, 2019

In the aftermath of the 2016 election, newlyweds Gary and Ben find their marriage put to the test. Ben wants to fight the power. Gary wants to climb the corporate ladder to comfort and safety. When an unscrupulous client makes him an irresistible offer, Gary makes a choice that Ben wouldn’t like— setting down a path of violent delights that will lead to violent ends. From the recent past to the near dystopia, Mike Pence Sex Dream is a romantic travesty about bringing home the bacon and fucking a pig.



Scott Shimizu — Gary
Collin Quinn Rice — Ben
Gage Wallace — Tom

Production Team:

William Boles — Scenic Design 
Claire Chrzan* — Lighting Design 
Uriel Gomez — Costume Design 
Erin Nicole Gautille — Properties Design
Eric Backus — Sound Design
Claire Stone* — Special Effects Assistant
Kayla Menz — Stage Management
Micah Figueroa — Violence and Intimacy Design 
Breon Arzell — Choreography
Carol Ann Tan — Dramaturg
Caitlin McCarthy — Production Management 
Jacob Mulcahy — Technical Direction
Catherine Miller* — Casting Direction
Kendall Reasons — Assistant Stage Management

*denotes First Floor Theater company member