by Jiehae Park, Directed by Hutch Pimentel*

Photo Credit: Sam Doyle Photography

Photo Credit: Sam Doyle Photography

February 12- March 11, 2017

In an ordinary Midwestern high school, twin sisters M and L are competitive with everyone—except each other. When the failsafe combination of perfect academics, killer extracurriculars, and calculated self-identification fails to impress The College’s early decision admissions board, they hatch a sinister Plan B to secure their future. 

PEERLESS is a blisteringly funny new riff on Shakespeare’s Macbeth about the unbreakable bond between sisters whose vaulting ambition will not be deferred at any cost.

Production Team:

William Boles -- Scenic Design
Arnel Sancianco -- Scenic Design
Claire Chrzan -- Lighting Design
Thomas Dixon -- Sound Design
Melissa Ng -- Costume Design
Claire Stone* -- Props Design
Carol Ann Tan -- Dramaturgy
Julie Leghorn -- Stage Management
Catherine Miller -- Asst. Stage Management
Cole von Glahn -- Production Management
Andy Kloubec -- Associate Sound Design
Michael Joseph -- Master Electrician
Bobby Huggins* -- Technical Director
Nathan Bartley -- Mater Carpenter
Ian Olsen -- Special Effects Coordinator


M -- Aurora Adachi-Winter
L -- Caroline Chu
BF -- Matt Daniels
D -- Jesse Massaro
Dirty Girl -- Amanda Fink*

M & L (u/s) -- Pearl Paramadilok
BF (u/s) -- Nathaniel Andrew
D (u/s) -- Marshall Kious
Dirty Girl (u/s) -- Sarah Wisterman


*denotes First Floor Theater company member 

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