By lucas baisch, Directed by Hutch Pimentel

Photography by Sam Doyle Photography

Photography by Sam Doyle Photography

May 13 - June 9, 2018

Eighty-two percent of the planet's people have dispensed with their physical bodies and uploaded their consciousnesses to IceBox in hopes of reaching a digital paradise. Some of the last employees of IceBox and Co. continue to provide transitional services for clients making the ascent. Benjamin has won the lottery, and as he spends his last day in the office, his coworkers battle with their own moral and socioeconomic inability to abandon their individual visions of reality - what it is and what it should be.

This play was commissioned by The Goodman Theatre as a part of the 2016-17 Playwrights Unit.

Production Team:

William Boles -- Scenic Design
Jared Gooding -- Lighting Design
Thomas Dixon -- Sound Design
Uriel Gomez -- Costume Design
Amanda Cantlin* -- Properties Design
Sid Branca* -- Projections Design
Katrina Dion -- Dramatug
Morgan McNaught -- Dramaturg
Charlie Baker -- Fight & Intimacy Choreography
Aaryanna Gariss -- Stage Management
Caitlin McCarthy -- Production Management
Bobby Huggins* -- Technical Director
Catherine Miller* -- Casting Director
AJ Schwartz -- Assistant Director
Anastarr Alvarez -- Assistant Stage Management


Nathaniel Andrew -- Roland
Andrew Cutler* -- Benjamin
Shariba Rivers* -- Mitchell
Avi Roque* -- Nochlin
Kevin Stangler -- Krauss

Elaine Bell -- Mitchell u/s
Jesse Massaro -- Benjamin u/s
Kyla Norton -- Nochlin u/s


*denotes First Floor Theater company member