Summer 2016 Programming

FFT is thrilled to be remounting our Winter 2016 hit The Awake as part of Theater on the Lake. 

 July 20 - 24 & July 27 - 31

Berger Park Cultural Center, 6205 N Sheridan Rd.

First Floor Theater presents THE AWAKE

Written by Ken Urban
Directed by Josh Altman

Malcolm floats on a bed with his mother on an endless sea, as Gabrielle, an Eastern European actress, awakes to a new life in America. Meanwhile, Nate is on the run from a faceless interrogator. These three strangers discover that a mysterious corporation bonds them together. Moving between dreams and waking life, Ken Urban’s award-winning play The Awake explores the unspoken culture of fear that is the new normal of American life. Josh Altman returns to direct this surreal and moving show after a popular Winter 2016 run, which was hailed as “electrifying” and “intense” with a “powerhouse cast”.

Over the past three years, the FFT LitFest has brought together some of Chicago’s greatest writers to respond to The Brothers Grimm, Mark Twain and Franz Kafka. This year, some of Chicago and New York's finest writers have found inspiration in Fitzgerald’s smart social commentary, razor-sharp dialogue, vivid imagery, and unflinching exploration of the American psyche. All eight plays in the festival will be performed every night.