Ticket sales cover approximately 50% of our annual budget - the rest of our funding is comprised almost entirely from individual contributions from donors like you.

Donor support allows First Floor Theater to continue to expand our vision, take new risks, and keep creating.



First Floor Theater is a 501(c)3 organization and any contribution is tax-deductible under federal and state law.

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Thank you to our Season 7 Annual Fund Contributors:

Oscar Kpota
Nataliia Laftchiyska
Maria Laftchiyska
Harriet Lessy
Charlie Lovejoy
Daniel Malloy
Cheryl Lynn Bruce & Kerry James Marshall
Jesse Massaro
Grace McLeod
Jill Meier
Jamie Mermelstein
Adrienne Merrild
Valerie Michelman
Carolyn Miller
Jonathan D. Morton
Lucy Msall
Tom Murphy
Lauren Nelson
Emily Nikfar
Tara Nooteboom
Kamari Perry
Will Quam
Evelyn Reidy
Rachel Relman
Lora Roussanova
Anthony Scamihorn
Justin Scaramone
Jason Schwartz
Nick Scutti
Tracy Scutti
Isabel Sen
Philip Siegel
Brian Sheridan
Hagar Shoshany
Stephanie Shum
Lane Smith
Danielle Stack
Kevin Stangler
Anna Tenutta
Ted von Glahn
Elizabeth Weber
Jon Weekley
Kyle Whalen
Matthew White
China Whitmire
Rebecca Willingham
Katlynn Yost
Sammy Zeisel

Jesse Acre
Elyse Agnello
Sabena Auyeung
Will Bishop
Grace Bolander
Gemma Brennan
Marybeth Bush
Carter Caldwell
Scottie Caldwell
Amanda Cantlin
Graham Carlson
Michael Carpenter
Andrew Carr
James Chandler
Stephanie Chu
Tristan Cosino
Helena Costa
Kristin & Clint Cutler
Maureen Davies
Raphael Diaz
Victor Draine
Lindsay Dwyer
George Elrod
Barr-Kane Family
Briana Finegan
Jordan Finfer
Steven Fink
James Fleming
Christopher Fletcher
Sarah Rebecca Gaglio
Jenn Geiger
Alex Goodman
Michael Gorman
Wes Gue
Cory Hardin
Kate Healy
Kaitlyn Henry
Kellyn Henthorn
CJ Hoke
Bryan Howard
Becky Huinker
Maya Jamner
Kacie Jensen
Jeffery Judd
Alexa Karczmar
Nicholas Kelly
Riane Kerwin
Tim Kidwell


FFT Is grateful to receive foundational support from:

  Supported by The MacArthur Funds for Arts and Culture at The Richard H. Driehaus Foundation.

Supported by The MacArthur Funds for Arts and Culture at The Richard H. Driehaus Foundation.