The world premiere of


by Emmett Rensin*

Directed by Will Bishop*

Six young, ultra-conservative campaign staffers set out to win an Illinois Senate seat, when leaks from inside the campaign threatened to unravel their mission completely. Toeing the line between personal and political, this thrilling new work challenged audiences to see both sides of the characters, and to confront their own prejudices in the process. Paranoid Style was a fast-paced, unrelenting political thriller-- as secrets and ideologies bumped up against one another, the hunt for the leak in the campaign became increasingly heated and the whole campaign lurched towards political ruin. Inspired by a seminal political essay of the same name, this new play simultaneously explored the spectrum of conservative ideologies and psychologies as tensions arose and relationships were sacrificed for beliefs.

Kate Cornelius-Schecter* -- Sarah White
Andrew Cutler* -- Peter Campbell
Amanda Fink* -- Holly Kirland
Eric Gerard -- James Bradshaw
Luke Michael Grimes*-- Gary Preston Waters
Mitch Salm* -- Will Ford

Production Team:
John Holt -- Scenic Design
Amanda Cantlin* -- Lighting Design
Jake Smith -- Sound Design
Lizzy Lewis -- Costume Design
Laura Kinter -- Video Design
Caroline Brown -- Production Manager
Helen Behnke-Hanson* -- Stage Manager

*Denotes First Floor Theater company member.