The chicago premiere of

By Nat Cassidy
Directed by Gus Menary

First Floor Theater was thrilled to present the Chicago Premiere of The Reckoning of Kit and Little Boots (TROKALB), Nat Cassidy's rip­roaring metaphysical buddy comedy.
In this text, the famous Elizabethan playwright, Christopher "Kit" Marlowe has been stabbed. While dying, he is visited by an apparition the ghost of insane Roman Emperor Caligula ("Little Boots"). Caligula proceeds to walk Marlowe backwards through their respective histories through exploring the power of infamy, mitigating the struggles of writing, and illuminating the universal human spirit in this witty and ultimately moving comedy.

Production team: 
Molly FitzMaurice* -- Set Design
David Federman -- Light Design
Andrew Rovner* -- Sound Design
Alexis Chaney* and Caroline Gelber -- Costume Design
TJ Heins -- Prop Design
Emmett Rensin* -- Dramaturg
Markie Gray* -- Production Manager
Graham Carlson -- Asst. Sound Designer
Lindsay Bartlett -- Dialect Coach
Amanda Fink* -- Fight Choreography
Kelly Butler -- Stage Manager

Owais Ahmed -- Marlowe
Kate Cornelius-Schecter* -- Anne
Sarah Davis -- Dot
Garrett Lutz -- Kyd
Tim Parker -- Caligula
Alfred Thomas -- Walsingham
Dav Yendler -- Shakespeare

*Denotes First Floor Theater company member