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Ready to become part of the FFT Family? Our monthly membership gives you insider access to our art and to our artists and gives us the gift of sustainability. 

Our monthly membership plans begin at just $10/mo and are all customizable! The higher your monthly gift, the more perks you can add to your membership package. 

Here's how it works:

  • All memberships include one complimentary ticket to each of our mainstage productions. In addition...
  • $10/mo members get to add on one of the perks below.
  • $15/mo members get to add on two of the perks below.
  • $20/mo members get to add on three of the perks below. 
  • $25/mo members get to add on four of the perks below.

Interested in supporting us at a monthly rate higher than $25/mo? You know we won't say no! We'll reach out to you directly to chat about a perks package you're most excited about.

Scroll though the perks below and when you've made your selections, you'll find a form at the bottom of the page to begin your membership. 

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