Hooded; or being black for dummies

by Tearrance Arvelle Chisholm, directed by Mikael Burke

Photo Credit: Sam Doyle

Photo Credit: Sam Doyle

October 20 - november 17, 2018

Marquis and Tru are both fourteen year old black boys, but they exist in two totally different worlds. Marquis is a book smart prep-schooler living in the affluent suburb of Achievement Heights; while Tru is a street savvy kid from deep within the inner city of Baltimore. Their worlds overlap one day in a holding cell. Tru decides that Marquis has lost his “blackness” and pens a how-to manual entitled “Being Black for Dummies.” He assumes the role of professor, but Marquis proves to be a reluctant pupil. They butt heads, debate, wrestle, and ultimately prove that Nietzsche and 2pac were basically saying the same thing.



Andrew Cutler* -- Fielder/Dionysus 
Jalen Gilbert -- Tru
Caroline Hendricks -- Clementine 
Jayson Lee -- Marquis
Casey Morris -- Hunter/Headmaster Burns 
Brian Nelson Jr. -- Officer Borzoi/Apollo 
Lauren Pizzi Montgomery -- Prairie/Debra 
Maggie Scrantom -- Meadow

Matthew Lolar-Johnson -- Marquis/Tru (u/s)
Jesse Massaro -- Hunter/Fielder (u/s)
Gracie Meier* -- Meadow/Clementine (u/s)
James Mercer -- Officer Borzoi/Apollo (u/s)

*denotes First Floor Theater company member

Production Team:

Sotirios Livaditis -- Scenic Design 
Eric Watkins -- Lighting Design 
Grover Holloway -- Sound Design 
Owé Preye Engobor -- Costume Design 
Jennifer Wernau -- Properties Design 
Sid Branca* -- Video Design 
Kayla Menz -- Stage Management
Rachel Flesher -- Violence and Intimacy Choreography 
Alicia Gaines -- Projection Typography
Cole von Glahn*-- Production Management 
Bobby Huggins* -- Technical Direction
Eileen Rozycki -- Charge Artist
Shelbi Arndt -- Master Electrician 
Catherine Miller* -- Casting Direction